The Best Footless Tights: How to Style Footless Tights in 2024

The Best Footless Tights: How to Style Footless Tights in 2024

Footless tights are an epic style staple that have been a well-loved Snag classic for years. Made with the same amazing qualities as our 80 denier tights, if you haven't thought about adding footless tights to your wardrobe then you're about to be convinced otherwise! Stylish, functional and full of Snag goodness, you're about to become footless tights' number one fan.

What are footless tights?

Footless tights are pretty much exactly what it says on the tin = tights without the feet! Our footless tights are made with the same fit, the same stretch, the same softness and the same coverage as our classic 80 deniers with a cuffed ankle that won't dig in. Just great comfort and amazing style that fits every body.

Are footless tights in style?

It may surprise you to learn that footless tights were all the rage in the 80’s and 90’s, with many a celebrity spotted wearing them on the red carpet. Coming into the new millennium, the noughties really popularised footless fashion and they were all the rage for teenage fashion - helped by the unique Disney Channel fashion during the Hannah Montana and High School Musical eras.

Footless tights have slowly creeped back into style with a revival over the past few years, and provide a great, versatile option for creating epic outfits and a perfect alternative to footed tights or leggings.

What is the point of footless tights?

Footless tights are great for getting coverage on your legs without restricting your feet. If you have any sensory issues involving toe seams or covering your feet, footless tights are a great option for you to still be able to enjoy the look of tights when you're building an outfit. Footless tights can be easier to get on too, since you don’t have to faff with feet or pull them up all the way. Just shove em on and you’re golden.

Plus its just nice to have options in your drawer when you’re choosing an outfit. Footless tights give a crisp look when worn with trainers or pumps, with the cuffed ankle giving a clean line for effortless looking style.

They’re also a great option for summer if you don’t want to commit to the bare legged look and like a little more coverage with your skirts and shorts. Plus Snag footless tights are super breathable and moisture wicking so they’re excellent for keeping you cool when its warm outside. Or for a shorter option why not try our Capris that are made with the same material as our chub rub shorts for the ultimate cooling action.

Are footless tights and leggings the same thing?

There is a big difference between footless tights and leggings, with leggings usually made of thicker, warmer material like viscose or polyester making them a little more bulky than standard tights. Footless tights are made with a thinner, stretchier tights material that tends to have a tighter fit close to the skin. Tights are usually sheerer, though different deniers offer different effects, and are worn under skirts or dresses (with leggings typically worn on their own or with a longer top.)

What shoes to wear with footless tights?

The beauty of footless tights is that you can wear pretty much any shoes with them that you like! Since you have free feet, sandals, flip flops and strappy/open-toed heels are all on the table and look great for a day to night look and mean you can wear all summer long!

They look great with shoes like flats, ballet pumps, trainers or Mary Janes, with the clean lines from the ankle cuff adding a certain bit of zest to an outfit that is oh so satisfying.

Footless tights are great when worn with boots! Wear them with your thickest socks without having to double up on layers! Perfect for the autumn or winter seasons so you can stay cosy without getting the sweatiest feet.

How to style footless tights

Styling footless tights is super easy, just wear them in exactly the same way you would regular tights. You can style them with skirts or dresses, using them as a pop of colour or just sticking to a classic black. A jumper and skater skirt combo with footless tights and some tennis shoes is my personal favourite way to style them, as well as with a t-shirt, mini skirt and chunky boot for a more alternative look.

However you plan to wear them, footless tights really are a style staple everyone should have in their hosiery drawer. Dress them up or keep things casual with tights you'll never want to take off - free the feet!


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