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Snag Bras

The sell out bras are BACK for a new drop and with new colours!

Say hello to bras that actually fit all bodies. Super soft and actually comfortable with no underwire in sight. No more confusing bra sizes, just 9 back sizes and two cups, as they’re designed with a gorgeous ribbed material that allows full movement and stretch.

With more support than a bralette, way more projection than a sports bra, and ridiculously more comfortable than an underwired bra, the Snag-ra is the answer for anyone who has ever struggled to find a bra that’s truly comfortable and really fits.

Why people love Snag bras

“I literally forgot I was wearing it within minutes and it stayed comfortable the whole day.”

“So comfortable I’m not aware I’m wearing it, keeps my boobs fully supported and where they should be.”

“The material is soft and really stretchy, and I didn’t feel like my boobs were being squished at all.”