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6 easy-peasy ways to style colourful tights

Ever wondered how to style colourful tights? Maybe you've stood in front of your wardrobe scratching your head about what to pair together?

Well, you've come to the right place. Bold and vibrant colourful tights are a great way to add some fun into your style, and pops of colour are amazing for any outfit, whether you're out on the town or running to the shops.

Here are 6 easy ideas to get you started and get those colourful outfit ideas flowing!

With black or neutrals

Pairing bright tights with a neutral dress is a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit without going to loud. This is the perfect place to start if you're not sure what you're doing when it comes to styling coloured tights. Try a black skirt or dress, or even grey, white or beige. These colours go with absolutely everything, so you can't go wrong when picking them!

If you're feeling adventurous, try adding another colourful element, maybe a top or jacket to match the colour of the tights? Or your favourite colourful shoes? this can add even more fun elements to an outfit without being to overwhelming!

Denim, denim, denim!

A denim skirt (or dress) is a versatile piece that goes with virtually any colour tights. There's a reason denim is a timeless wardrobe staple - literally pick any pair of tights to wear with your denim and you have a combo that is PERFECT.

Monochrome magic

If you want the colour of your tights to be the star of the show, then just add more! Monochrome outfits look absolutely stunning and are always stand out - and are so easy! Just add more clothing of the same colour to your look, you don't have to worry about the shades matching exactly, as long as they're the same colour it'll look amazing.

Similar tones

For this one, we're going to whip out the handy Snag colour wheel. A colour wheel is a really useful tool for planning outfits because it helps you understand how different colours can be combined for different effects. You can find a colour wheel just by searching online, but here is our Snag one!

To find what colours will and look great in your outfit, simply find the colour of your tights on the wheel and look at what colours are directly next to or near each other on the wheel. These are called analogous colours - some examples for you to try are orange and yellow, pink and purple or blue and green! These combos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are really fun to experiment with!

Contrasting colours

Back to the colour wheel for this one, but contrasting (sometimes called complementary colours) are another great way to build a bold colourful outfit - and even has some science behind it! Did you know that there are cones in your eyes that work together to help you view colour correctly? When two opposite colours are viewed, low and high-frequency cones are stimulated simultaneously, making for a very happy pair of eyes! Look at opposite colours on the colour wheel and experiment for an outfit that packs a punch! Try purple and yellow, blue and orange or pink and green!

More is more

Look, if you really want to inject some colour into your outfit, more really is more. Pile as many clothing pieces in as many different colours as you dare and watch the magic happen! Don't worry about any rules, just go for it and have fun experimenting!


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