Redefining Sexy

This is sexy for EVERY body. Find lingerie, mock garters and more, all in sizes 4-38.

Snag x Spicy

So many people feel like they weren’t allowed to be sexy, don't deserve to hold that title because of their size, gender or sexual identity. We’re here to shout it out that you can’t measure pleasure and nobody gets to gatekeep what sexy looks like. Sex isn’t taboo and neither are you.

What Is Spicy Snag?

Spicy is for EVERYONE. All are welcome and every question, hint, tip and story is a building block or a ‘small sexy step’ towards bringing joy and pleasure into your life. Snag Spicy is our sex-positive Facebook group dedicated to celebrating the pleasures of sex in all its forms.

Spicy is YOUR community of like-minded people who favour freedom of sexual expression and sharing their love of love. It’s a place to connect, chat, explore and see sexy Snagglers in the wild at every stage of their self-love journey in an inclusive and private group. And if you feel like it, you can get involved or just enjoy the voyeuristic experience.