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Thighs the Limit Fishnets


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These are world first fishnet tights, Thighs the Limit. Seamlessly integrated with chub rub shorts, these fishnets ensure your thighs glide. Crafted from the same Snag robust fishnet knit, but with the benefits of wearing a pair of Chub Rub shorts, these are the comfiest fishnets. Moisture wicking, breathable and designed to keep you a degree cooler at the top, with a super stretchy fishnet at the bottom.

Why did we make this? You told us that you were getting chub rub while wearing fishnet tights, so we fixed it! Fishnet tights shouldn't be one size fits all, that doesn't exist. So we created fishnets that are not only super stretchy but easy to put on and have the same 3D stretch as our regular tights! These are fishnet tights that really fit.

Why is this special? These are fishnets with a pair of chub rub shorts build in, meaning you don't have to worry about thigh chafing, ever. A robust knit means that these are fishnets that will last, say goodbye to one wear fishnet tights. They have a super stretchy waist band and smaller netting on the toes so they are comfy all day. The shorts are breathable and comfortable with a stay put waistband is designed with both a vertical and horizontal ribbing, so there is no rolling down and is high rise to sit just below a bra line.

How did we design this? Tights are usually designed on a UK size 8 model and made longer or shorter depending on the size. Snag Fishnet Tights are designed on a UK size 24 model and then fit tested on models of every size to ensure the perfect fit. We don't change suppliers and over years have built a relationship that ensures consistent, long lasting, recyclable tights, that are more ethical and better for your wardrobe.

  • Fishnet Tights
  • Colour: Black (Click here to compare all our colours)
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  • Composition:  85% Polyamide, 14% Elastane & 1% Cotton Gusset
  • Country of origin: Italy

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SIZING: We’ve turned design on its head, starting with a size 24 model, then working down and up with genuine fit models at every single size - rather than using one size 8 model and scaling up. Our dresses come in 9 size variants, to fit dress sizes 4-38. Use our handy Size Guide to help you find the right choice for you.

CARE: Machine washable at 30°C. Wash inside out with similar colours. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron only. Do not dry clean. Colour transfer to lighter fabrics and surfaces may occur.

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Tights Size Guide

Choosing the perfect size of Snag tights is really easy. Just find your regular clothing size in the chart and trace along to find your height. Your Snag size will be a letter in the table. There are two different types depending if you have a prominent bum and tum or not. 

Curvilicious (Prominent bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
4/6 A/B A/B C
8/10 C C D
12/14 D D E
16/18 E E F
20/22 Short F F G
24/26 Short F F G
28-36 G G G

Athletic (Small or flat bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
4/6 A/B A/B A/B
8/10 A/B A/B C
12/14 C C D
16/18 D D E
20/22 E E F
24/26 Short F F G
28-36 G G G