What is Gothic Fashion? The Best Tights for an Alternative Wardrobe

What is Gothic Fashion? The Best Tights for an Alternative Wardrobe

If you want to bring the darkness to your wardrobe, look no further than gothic and alternative fashion. Whether you're looking to channel your inner witch or just really like black, read on to learn more about gothic fashion and the best tights to make you go batty.

What is goth fashion?

Born in the 80's with its roots in the music scene, goth subculture is one shrouded in darkness, as does the fashion that does with it! Rooted in a subversive, breaking the mould attitfue, gothic fashion can be spooky, haunting but also with punk and historical influences - and of course a whole lot of black.

Dark clothing, dark hair and dark make up are go to's for goths, though actual interpretation of gothic style and culture can be so different from person to person. There aren't really a lot of rules when it comes to dressing Goth, with heavy metal, emo and alternative genres often overlapping (though still very different!) Some people like to lean in to full on witch core or dress entirely in Victorian styles, others just like wearing black clothes and vibe with the gothic motifs - but its all still gothic.

There are a ton of subsets in gothic fashion too, with different sub cultures splintering off into more niche aesthetics. Gothic Lolita, a Japanese movement influenced by Victoriana with petticoats and parasols; Gothabilly, a combination of gothic and retro Rockabilly styles; and Deathrock, where punk and goth styles come together with mohawks and ripped clothing; are all examples of gothic subsets with very different looks, but united under the goth umbrella.

How do I dress more goth?

There are so many different ways to interpret gothic style, there really are no rules when it comes to putting an outfit together. Whether you're looking to channel your inner demon or celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year, here are a few tips on how to get your goth on.

Black clothing

It may sound cliché, but if you want to start styling a gothic aesthetic you really can't go wrong with black. A staple colour in a goths wardrobe, black clothes are pretty much an essential if you want to get your goth on. Whether you go full monochrome or just add in black touches, bringing in the black should be the first step on your quest to build a gothic wardrobe.

Graphic T-shirts and Merch

A lot of gothic fashion draws inspiration from pop culture, like books films and TV shows. So if there was ever a time to whip out that Sabrina the Teenage Witch T-shirt its now. Show off your fandom as much as you can, whether its Batman or Buffy you can style it out in your best gothic look. For an easy casual vibe, pair a graphic tee with a black mini skirt, fishnets and chunky boots for an easy, laid back vibe.

Chunky boots

If there is one item of clothing that is a must have for gothic fashion, it has to be a pair of chunky boots. Whether you go for a classic Doc Martin, a ginormous pair of combat boots or any kind of platform footwear, these shoes will give you the icing on the cake when it comes to creating a goth look. There's no better feeling than stomping around in a pair ginormous boots - plus they look delicious.

Corsets and harnesses

While they're a little more out there, corsets, harnesses and other "risque" items of clothing are really popular when dressing in the aesthetic. They add to the subversive nature of the movement and play your feminine yet sexy side. Harnesses look daring and provocative, giving your outfit a bold edge. Corsets are particularly popular in romantic, Lolita or Victoriana styles as they have a historical edge, as well as being love letters to gothic literature like Dracula or Wuthering Heights.


Never underestimate the power of accessories to be the final touch for a killer look. Whether its something as simple as a black choker or as fancy as a top hat, accessories can really ramp up the dial on your gothic outfit. Fishnet tights and gloves are an easy way to shake up your style, as well as dark make up and piercings if you have them.

How to Style Goth Tights

Tights are a great accessory if you want to show off your goth side. For something basic, just a nice pair of 50 denier black tights are a great way to dip your toes into dressing more alternative. Throw them on with a mini skirt and black top and you're good to go!

Fishnets are an absolute must have too, and can a touch of gothic glamour as well a bold edge to an outfit. You don't even have to stick to black either- red or blue can add a pop of colour to break up all that darkness. Fishnets peeking out under a pair of ripped jeans is always an amazing look, or wear with a cute black dress and boots.

If you really want to shake things up for a killer outfit, then patterned tights are the way to go. Whether its skulls, stripes or stars, you have so many choices for witchy patterned tights - and not just in black either! Bewitched, Frank, Faberge and Witch are all particular favourites that you can dress up into the perfect macabre look

No matter how witchy you're feeling, if you want to add a little more gothic goodness to your style, then check out our goth collection for all the best tights picks for an alternative wardrobe!


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