11 Fun Patterned Tights and How to Style Them

11 Fun Patterned Tights and How to Style Them

Patterned tights really are a year round style staple. The easiest accessory for any outfit, wearing a pair of patterned tights are an instant boost for instant style.

Not sure where to start? Here are 11 pairs of patterned tights for you to stash in your wardrobe and how to style them

80 Denier Tights - Hallow-queen

These are the perfect tights to unleash your inner witch 365 days of the year. With a super fun glitter celestial design, they're the perfect option when you want something a little more interesting than just plain black, but still subtle and completely wearable!

Wear with your favourite black dress and chunky boots to really channel the "witch on her day off" vibe.


40 Denier Diamonds - Burgundy

Diamonds really are a girls best friend, and they make a gorgeous subtle pattern that looks great in any colour - but this burgundy pair is an understated classic! For a cosy Autumn vibe, pair with a beige dress, jumper or cardigan and black accessories.



Polka dot patterned tights are literally one of the easiest prints to wear! Great for elevating your legs beyond a plain sheer or 50 denier, literally throw these on under any outfit for an effortlessly chic look (but a black mini and white blouse is a great place to start!)


40 Denier Tights - Love Me - Red

Wear your love on your legs with this dreamy pair of heart patterned tights - perfect for all the romantics out there! Dress up for a date night fit with red heels and your best dress to impress!

Fishnets - Caught In My Web

A Halloween classic that works all year round, these spiderweb fishnet tights are a super sexy final touch that can make an outfit really sing. Lean into the gothic vibes with a flowy black dress, or really mix things up with a bright neon outfit for a contrast that will turn heads!

Bewitched - Black

Striped tights are a style staple. Wear these mixed denier Bewitched on their own or layered over a cool colour to really pop - bold colours are absolutely the way to go when styling these!

80 Denier Plaid Tights - Tatties


Plaid is pretty perfect for all occasions, but really comes into its own in Autumn and Winter!!! Wear with the biggest cosiest jumper dress you can find to get the comfy vibes going!


80 Denier Skullz Tights - Toxic

Who doesn't love an alt look? With these skull tights you're totally channelling 2009 punk-core and we're here for it! Lean into the vibes with coordinating plaid skirts and all the chains you can find!

80 Denier Tights - Green Dragon

Shimmering scales? Yes please! Why not unleash your inner dragon with these mythical inspired tights. Style them with all your favourite green pieces to really complete the look.


Another gorgeous black patterned pair for when plain is too boring. These are your perfect casual date night tights. Whether its coffee or cocktails you will look the part with a pair of cute heels.

Racy Tights - White

If 60's vibes are your jam, check our these checkerboard tights that will have you getting ready to start your engines. Style up with your favourite retro or vintage outfit to really look your best!


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