Chonky Crochet Hexagon Cardigan Recipe

Chonky Crochet Hexagon Cardigan Recipe

This cardigan is soft, snuggly and super chunky! It makes a great beginner crochet project that you can create to fit you exactly how you like.

For a PDF of this pattern that you can download click here.

Chonky Crochet Hexagon Cardigan Recipe


  • 7 balls of Snag Chonky yarn in your favourite
  • colour
  • 15mm Crochet Hook


Keep extending the hexagon until when you pin it into an L shape it fits half of you well.
Then extend the sleeves with a double crochet in each stitch until you are happy with the sleeve length.


This recipe uses American Crochet terms

  • ch - chain
  • SC - single crochet
  • DC - double crochet
  • DC2tog - double crochet 2 together


This cardigan used 7 balls of chonky yarn: 1 in Raspberry pie, 2 in Jammin and 4 in Suffragette purple.

To make this cardigan you make two large hexagons and sew them together.
The hexagons shouldn’t lay flat as you go unless they are folded into an L shape.
I used this pattern as a base but made some changes:

You increase in each of the corners - I used dc, chain 1, dc for one round then 2dc, chain 1, 2dc for the next round and repeated. I found this gave me 2 L shaped hexagons at the end, where in this pattern they are increased a bit too much so the shape is too flare-y. I also wasn’t a fan of the decorative increase holes, so reduced to one chain. You can see the pattern I worked below


Round 1: Chain 2 and make 6 dcs in the ring, slip stitch together. You should have 6 stitches.

Round 2: Chain 2, dc into the next stitch, 2dc, chain 1, 2 dc into the next stitch. Repeat 5 more times, complete with a slip stitch. You should now have 6 increase points (where you’ve 2dc, chain 1, 2dc’d) and 6 regular dcs. You should have 30 stitches.

Other Rounds: For each additional round dc into a dc, and in the chain stitch of the increase point increase using either dc, chain 1, dc or 2dc, chain 1, 2dc - alternate these each row.

I also added a some rows of double crochet down the back join to give a bit of extra wideness.

I then extended the arms to match my arm length, with rounds of dc, each finished with a slip stitch and turning chain. When I reached the desired length I finished them by dc2tog, all stitches, which created a bell sleeve.

Then I finished with a double crochet in the back loop ribbed cuff - there's a great tutorial for that here.

You could also do this around the bottom of the cardigan.


Happy crocheting! And make sure you tag Snag in any pics of your creations!


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