Time to Refresh your Tights Drawer With Snag's New Autumn Tights Collection

Time to Refresh your Tights Drawer With Snag's New Autumn Tights Collection

The wait is over, our new Autumn tights colours have just launched! 8 gorgeous fall colours ideal for the season - its time to get cosy!

Can you wear tights in Autumn?

Autumn is literally the best time of year whip our your tights and start adding them into your wardrobe! Really you can wear tights all year round, (you do you!) but that crisp fall weather makes for the perfect time to elevate your legs - especially since tights are so versatile they can take on any weather you throw at them!

What Denier Tights for Autumn?

Our 80 deniers are the perfect tights for Autumn (as well as all year round!). They're made with aerated yarn making them soft, breathable and moisture wicking - meaning they're perfect for keeping you cool when its hot but snuggly on chillier days - great for Autumn weather that can't make up its mind! If that wasn't enough, they're super robust, quick drying, ladder resistant and won't roll, sag or fall down!

If you want to get prepped for the colder days to come, then our super opaque 12 deniers are where its at! Super toasty warm and cosy while still breathable and utterly durable. They're a great way to to add the finishing touch to your look while being super functional - and they won't fall down!

What Colour tights are on trend?

Everyone knows that the warm autumnal colours are the most trending this season! And you're in luck, we've just released our new collection of colours that are bang on trend and perfect for these cosy Autumn days. Headed to a pumpkin patch? Our for a coffee? Taking a walk through those fallen leaves? There's something for everyone in our launch, keep scrolling to see what we have in store for you!

80 Denier Tights - Honey Bee

The perfect fall yellow, you'll be as sweet as honey in this brand new shade! Style them with orange pieces for the perfect pop, or try muted pinks and purples for something more classic.

80 Denier Tights - Secret Garden

This dark green is a great alterative to blac or navy tights if you're looking for something a little different. Make it pop with whites, greys and beige!

80 Denier Tights - Lullaby

Say hello to your new favourite pink! The juiciest pop of colour to any outfit, these tights will go with pretty much everything - but absolutely soar when paired with a denim skirt or animal print.

80 Denier Tights - Serenity Hallow

Who said brown was boring? These tights fit right in to the falling Autumn leaves, making it a great colour to coordinate with the season. Wear with your chunkiest boots and your cosiest jumper!

120 Denier Tights - Wisteria

There's nothing prettier than wisteria! This lilac will steal your heart and your wardrobe - a great colour to lighten up these darker days! Stick with the pastel look to make these tights really pop!

120 Denier Tights - Hit the Bottle Green

A Snaggler Staple! Hit the Bottle green has been a customer favourite for a long time - and you can totally see why! Stick with earthy tones for this one and you'll stay looking cool as a cucumber.

120 Denier Tights - Peace

Give peace a chance with this lush khaki pair of tights. Take neutral to the next level as this shade will go with pretty much everything - try it with light blue or cream for a winning combination!

120 Denier Tights - Denim

Look who's back! Our cult favourite denim blue has returned in 120 denier - just in time for the chilly days ahead! This muted blue really sings when you pair it with navy - monochrome outfit anyone?

120 Denier Tights - Enchanted

Now you will absolutely be enchanted to meet this beautiful purple pair of tights! Stick with jewel tones here and you're onto a winner, or even just a classic black outfit will make them pop like there's no tomorrow!


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