What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch: Your Guide to Spooky Halloween Style

What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch: Your Guide to Spooky Halloween Style

There really is something magical about wandering through a field surrounded by giant pumpkins, and if you love Halloween then heading to a pumpkin patch is probably one of the highlights of your year!

Not only is it the best way to pick our your pumpkins ready for your pumpkin carving party, but you can really soak up those crisp fall vibes, hot chocolate and all!

Of course, half the fun of pumpkin picking is having the perfect photo opportunity - where can you find a more spooktacular backdrop than a field full of pumpkins?!

If you're looking for a cute outfit to go pumpkin picking, you've come to the right place! Here are some ideas so you can have you own "its the great pumpkin" moment and look amazing on the 'gram.

How to decide what to wear to go pumpkin picking

Your perfect pumpkin picking outfit is going to depend on a few factors - but the weather is up there! Autumn is a tricky season weather wise, it can either be boring or rainy and miserable, and all in the space of an hour! Plan for every weather by layering up - a light jacket you can whip on or off with be your best friend.

Not to sound like you're mother, but don't forget to wear practical footwear! As much as you want to tie your whole look together and be as aesthetic as possible, you're probably going to be walking through a literal field to pick you pumpkins, so make sure your shoes that can handle mud and rough terrain - chunky boots are perfect for stomping around the patch.

Everything Pumpkins

Truly, if there was ever a time to deck yourself out in orange and adorn yourself with as much pumpkin and jack-o'-lantern ephemera you own -this has to be it.

There is no such thing as being too extra here - you love Halloween so show your pumpkin love to the world! T shirts, bags, jumpers, even tights! Throw them on a

Witch, please

Yes! You can absolutely wear a costume on a trip to the pumpkin patch! Look, spooky season only lasts for so long. Get the most wear out of your costume and add the spookiest of vibes to your trip by going dressed up! Whether you're going full witch, killer clown or channelling your inner Wednesday Addams, rocking a costume is the best way to start your Halloween off on a high - go in a group for even more fun!

A witch on her day off

For something a little more subtle, why not channel your inner witch - but on her day off. Think chunky boots, striped tights and of course a hat, to give you all the witchy vibes without the broomstick.

The subtle spooky one

Okay, so you don't want to go full on witch BUT still want to channel a few spooky vibes? Try a Halloween/ horror print dress or skirt and build your look around that for a subtle yet spooky outfit you ca even recycle all year round!

Classic fall vibes

If going full Halloween crazy isn't for you, no problemo! Why not stick to classic autumnal vibes for your trip. Think cosy jumpers and chunky boots, all in that gorgeous autumnal colour palette of oranges, reds and browns.

Dreamy date night

Going out on the town? Nah! This season get your boo to take you out pumpkin picking! For an outfit that will leave them howling at the moon, pick your favourite mini dress in an autumnal colour - or just plain black for the chic drama - and add some cute jewellery to really elevate the look. P.S. now is a great time to start transitioning into more "winter" style fabrics like velvet, corduroy or plaid for ultimate cosy vibes.

Alternative babe

I know what you're thinking, pumpkin patch means full orange to coordinate right? WRONG! you can give off your best spooky vibes without going completely jack-o'-lantern crazy! Putting together a more alternative outfit is just as fun - the more you stand out against all that orange the better!

A graphic tee solves everything

You really can't go wrong with a graphic t-shirt! Tucked into jeans or a cute mini skirt, they really are a throw on staple for any occasion. Bonus points if your tee is horror movie related!

Ready to pick your pumpkins?

What are you wearing to go pumpkin picking this year? Tag us in your pics on Instagram so we can get all the amazing Halloween outfit inspo!


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