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Let’s Get Snagadelic Baby!!

We know that dungarees and pinafores are all the rage, but do they FIT?

Restrictive? Wandering boobs? Boxy!? NAH! Meet Snagarees and Snagafores

We’ve created a super comfy stretchy sustainable version of these must have items. We are so excited for you to try them!

And let’s face it, you’ll look GRR BABY, VERY GRR.


Has your wardrobe lost its mojo?

Made from our classic super soft and stretchy viscose Ponte, meet our stylish, adjustable dungarees WITH POCKETS!

Keep it causal or style them up, retro or modern they look amazing! High waisted for comfort and perfection for on the go breastfeeding, whatever the occasion we’ve got you covered. Groovy right?


Have you had . . .the pleasure?

Comfort, style fit and flair. Oh, and she has pockets. Made from our classic super soft and stretchy viscose Ponte the Snagafore is oh so versatile.

One dress and as many looks as you can think of and it transitions beautifully from summer to winter, so you get to wear it all year long!